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Sailing the Dutch West Indies © Sara Moss

Warning: extended exposure to any of the websites listed here may result in unexpected travel.

If wanderlust is gnawing at you, here’s a site guaranteed to fascinate and inspire: Atlas Obscura — a compendium of this age’s wonders, curiosities and esoterica. Dawdling and daydreaming your way around the globe digitally is fun but creating the reality can take some cunning on a firm budget.  The well-travelled writers at Holiday Goddess balance panache with modest outlays of cash in their budget recommendations and if you’re really watching your money, Workaway links global hosts and volunteers willing to work in exchange for free food and lodging. Granted, Workaway is not for everyone but participation, language learning and local immersion are at the heart of the experience.

However, incorporating travel into your lifestyle rather than cramming it into tiny portions of leave may have more appeal. If you need tips on making the most of life outside a corporate cubicle, Aussie ex-pat Marianne Cantwell has some excellent advice at Free Range Humans. If you decide to throw it all in and long haul lures, Chris Guillebeau’s guest post on the Four Hour Workweek blog — How to Buy a Round-the-World Plane Ticket that Kicks Ass — is one to keep up your sleeve, particularly if you’re in the USA.

If you really do need to keep a lid on your wanderlust for now, you may find solace in an article by the School of Life’s Robert Rowland Smith about getting away without going anywhere.



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